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May 03

A piece that explores the import of the day we are born, and questions which of the people around us actually know, remember or care about it? Should they at all? Each of our 100 Word stories is an affecting piece of flash fiction that brings to life a particular moment, idea or setting.

An hour before midnight, his mother called to wish him a happy birthday, because she wouldn’t be awake later. He felt an urge to crash. His wife was travelling, his brother hadn’t spoken to him in months, his 'friends' were always busy. He scrolled through his messages, finally convincing himself he should just go to a bar with a co-worker who had unknowingly invited him out. The next day, there were almost a hundred messages on his phone and timeline, but nobody who had wished him in person, a fact that gnawed at him even as he pretended he didn’t care.

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