An archive of ideas and dissonant thoughts.



June 08

For a long time, I was a slave to various expectations in my own mind. I felt that writing needs to fit into categories, to be ordered and neatly laid out like the tiles on a perfectly curated Instagram page. I feared that the ramblings of my mind were not ready enough to present to the internet (!).

I worked on commercials, half-finished novels and various kinds of scripts and stories waiting for something complete, marketable and perfect. In truth, that point may never arrive, but I have reached the moment where I realise it is a futile dream.

Instead, this is an attempt to present disparate pieces of writing, ranging from fiction to music to arguments to reflections. Things that have moved me over the past few years and hopefully, going forward, a platform to showcase the kind of ideas that intrigue me.

Over time, I plan to further use it to engage with writers and artists keen to share their own work. To present content that is of interest and that affects its readers, whether it be a short story, a rant, an anecdote or even (shudder!) a listicle.

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